bibliography coverTHE JOURNALISM OF H. G. WELLS: An Annotated Bibliography by David C. Smith - edited by Patrick Parrinder
Celebrated as a novelist and science-fiction author, H. G. Wells (1866-1946) was also one of the most prolific and influential journalists of the twentieth century. He interviewed Lenin, Stalin, and F. D. Roosevelt. He pursued controversies with Churchill, Bernard Shaw and others, and campaigned tirelessly for scientific education, human rights and world peace. Starting out as a humorous journalist and short-story writer in the 1890s, he chronicled world events from the invention of flying to the closing stages of the Second World War. A master of journalistic formats from the popular newspaper to the scientific periodical, his prophetic insights inspired whole generations of readers.

This Annotated Bibliography reveals for the first time the full extent of Wells’s published writings, offering a complete account of his appearances in print such as has never existed before. The main bibliography contains over 2,000 items and is supplemented by separate listings of speeches and published interviews given by Wells.   A section of over 300 ‘Conjectural Items’ includes unsigned articles identified as Wells’s on stylistic grounds. The bibliography’s distinctive arrangement highlights Wells’s relationships with individual newspapers and periodicals, each of which is identified in a special Descriptive Index compiled by Mike Ashley. All items are annotated and the volume is fully indexed.

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Published with the kind support of the Science Fiction Foundation and the H. G. Wells Society.

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cover Writing OthernessThe Pathways of George Gissing’s Imagination, Christine Huguet (ed.)
Stage-managing otherness with an eye to the beauty of the resulting artefact was Gissing’s privileged mode of appropriation of, and adaptation to, the contingent. In the process of reifying the others and keeping them at a solemn distance, himself deliberately withdrawn from the whirlpool, he wove a singularly varied tapestry of life in late Victorian England. The nineteen essays included in this volume provide a challenging portrait of Gissing’s figurations of otherness, conceived of in its broadest sense. Covering the full range of his work, they shed fresh light on his likes and dislikes, his fears and anxieties, and explore the intriguing range of tonalities, from irony to mellowed acceptance, that marks his aestheticised portraits of the self and the Other.

Providing an attractive snapshot of current Gissing scholarship, the present collection will contribute to invigorate the very active interdisciplinary field of Gissing studies. It will also be of interest to the general reader concerned with fin-de-siècle culture and history.
Contributions by M. D. Allen, Maria Teresa Chialant, Pierre Coustillas, Richard Dennis, Constance Harsh, José Díaz Lage, Paola D’Ercole, Emanuela Ettorre, William Greenslade, Simon J. James, Nicky Losseff, Claudia Martin, Lewis D. Moore, Bouwe Postmus, Barbara Rawlinson, Eleonora Sasso, Ryan Stephenson, Luisa Villa, Arlene Young

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Published with the kind support of the Centre d’Etudes en Civilisations, Langues ét Littératures Etrangères,
CECILLE of the Université de Charles de Gaulle Lille3.

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cover spellboundSpellbound, George Gissing
A selection of George Gissing's shorter fiction, the first to span the artist's career. Critically established texts, original illustrations and new scholarly essays, available for the first time in one publication, edited by Dr. Christine Huguet.
Volume 1: The Storyteller Volume 2: A Twenty-first Century Reappraisal

George Gissing was one of the major English novelists of the late nineteenth century. It was, however, as a short-story writer that he entered into the world of literature and his instinct for suggestive compression soon secured his place as an accomplished fin-de-siècle practitioner in the field of short fiction. Chronologically planned from 1877 to the early 1900s, the present book focuses on eleven specimens, many of them vintage Gissing, of the artist’s 115 stories. It will recommend itself to all lovers of late Victorian culture and short-story practices. Critical appraisal by M. D. Allen, Christine DeVine, David Grylls, Constance Harsh, Christine Huguet, Diana Maltz, Markus Neacey, Bouwe Postmus, Barbara Rawlinson, Robert Selig and John Sloan.

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Creating Academic Communities - Funeral monuments to professors at Oxford, Leiden and Tübingen, 1580-1700
This volume explores 17th-century funerary monuments to professors in three North-European Protestant university towns. It deals with the historical, religious and political background of each of the universities, and subsequently analyses the monuments under thematic headings. The extensive illustrated catalogue and accompanying CD-ROM with full-colour images discusses each of the memorials separately, listing all documented memorials erected to professors in these towns, together with an inter-disciplinary approach to their interpretation, biographical data and documentary sources. meer info (pdf)

"... I must award you a further accolade for producing such useful innovatory techniques for art-historical analysis!" - Dr. Paul Cockerham, Vice President of The Monumental Brass Society, about the CD-ROM accompanying Creating Academic Communities

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The Wellsian: Selected Essays on H.G. Wells
“A collection of essays cherry-picked from the Journal of the H.G. Wells Society” - the Times Literary Supplement. In 'The Wellsian: Selected Essays on H.G. Wells', John S. Partington brings together a selection of the finest articles published in The Wellsian, the journal of the H.G. Wells Society, from 1981 to the present. The volume covers a wide breadth of Wells's work and thought, with essays from Lyman Tower Sargent on utopianism, Patrick Parrinder on The Time Machine, David Lake's textual analysis of the scientific romances, Michael Sherborne on Wells and Plato, and many others. With The Time Machine, The Island of Doctor Moreau, The War of the Worlds, The Sea Lady, The Food of the Gods and The Door in the Wall all receiving detailed attention, this volume promises to be a worthy memorial to the first twenty-five years of The Wellsian. As well as celebrating Wells's greatest literary achievements, it explores the philosophical basis of his thought and,through several comparative studies, takes an interdisciplinary approach to his aesthetic concerns. meer info (pdf)

“The Wellsian book is splendid – very well edited and produced.” - Professor Patrick Parrinder

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100 Years of World-Class Automotive Technology: Dutch contributions to global automotive engineering
This extensive study, conducted by the ECMD, the European Centre for Mobility Documentation, will originally be published in Dutch. A translated book in English is under consideration. Initiated by the Automotive Technology Centre and the ECMD - both part of Eindhoven University - and the KIVI/NIRIA (the Dutch engineers society) this full-colour publication promises to become a valuable source for automotive history.

Sculpted Portraits of Rulers and Royalty c.1500-1900
Proceedings of the conference at the London Wallace Collection. The conference aimed to foster discussion on one of the less-studied aspects of the production and consumption of portraits of the high and mighty : that of the sculpted portrait. European court life, from the Renaissance to the 19th century, has given many sculptors the opportunity to model the likenesses of the powerful. Published for the Wallace Collection and the Low Countries Sculpture Society. Edited by Dr. Charles Avery and Léon Lock.

The Victorian Critic: Literary Critics and Criticism in 19th Century England
A critical and commented selection of key figures and their works explored from the current perspectives.

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